We’re looking forward to your first visit!

Naturally, we want your first visit to be as pleasant as possible. In preparation for your appointment, please download and fill out the appropriate forms here. Once you have them completed, you can fax them in to us at (804) 748-8053 or simply bring them with you to your first appointment. This will help us serve you more efficiently by allowing us to verify your insurance coverage and to have information entered into our computer system.

Dental Insurance

The doctors in our practice are considered Participating Providers for many dental insurance companies. When calling to schedule an appointment please make sure that you know which company you are enrolled in so we can properly address any of your questions or concerns. This will also allow us to ensure that you are seen by the appropriate doctor. Please bring in your insurance card to, or prior to, your first appointment in order to verify your insurance policy.


Financing at our office is done through CareCredit, which can provide no-interest loans for a 3-, 6-, 12- or even 18-month periods. These options are in place to allow you to afford dental work that may be urgent, or that you may have once thought was out of reach.

Discounts offered

5% off if payment is made in full the day of service
5% off for senior citizens
5% off for military
(Total of up to 10% off with combined discounts)

Payment options

We accept cash, checks and most major credit cards, including:


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